In December 2006, Kevin and I went to New York for a little vacation. Little did I know he had something up his sleeve for this trip of ours. At this time we were together for 6 years. Our first night in NYC we went out to dinner to a steak restaurant and had a delicious meal and a great night. We then went to the Rockafellar Center to go atop of the ROCK, we were there not long because I needed to go to the RR after drinking so much at dinner. So we went back down and shortly after that Kevin then dropped the big question getting on his knee asking me to marry him. I then started to cry and say "are you kidding me"? I was not expecting this since I knew what our plans were for our schooling so I didn't expect this to take place so soon. Of course I said YES! It was so exciting and our trip was amazing there. I remember it like it happened just yesterday.